Updated February 21st, 2024 at 12:44 IST

Boris Johnson demanded $1 million for interview, says Tucker Carlson after Putin sit-down

“So he [Johnson] attacks me without explaining how I’m wrong, of course, or how he’s right," Carlson said.

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Russia's president Vladimir Putin and former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. | Image:AP

UK’s run-of-the-mill former Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who was ousted over ‘partygate’ scandal involving booze parties in breach of his own COVID lockdown rule, demanded a payment of $1,000,000 from the American journalist Tucker Carlson to get into a seat. Johnson asked for the astonishing sum of money in ‘bitcoins’ and played hard to get, Carlson, who garnered criticism for his recent interview of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, said.

In an interview, the popular American journalist accused the former British politician of being one of the many “profiteers.” He also accused Biden administration for incessant funding in aid to Ukraine, labelling Russia’s invasion a “shakedown” and monetary assistance a “money laundering scheme.”


“So I’m over in Moscow, I’m waiting to do this interview, it gets out that we’re doing it, and I’m immediately denounced by this guy called Boris Johnson,” Carlson said, according to a broadast segment aired on BlazeTV. The American free speech Warrior claimed that Johnson slandered him as a ‘a tool of the Kremlin or something.’

“So I put in a request for an interview with [Johnson], because he’s constantly denouncing me,” Carlson told his host. But his [Johnson’s] answer was no, the American journalist revealed. He continued that the Brexit architect doubled down on his request after the trip to Moscow and an interview with Vladimir Putin. “Finally an adviser [of Boris Johnson] gets back to me and said, ‘He will talk to you, but it’s going to cost you a million dollars.’ He wants a million in U.S. dollars, gold or bitcoin – this just happened yesterday or two days ago!” Carlson said, adding that there was a cost to explaining Johnson’s position on Ukraine.


“So he [Johnson] attacks me without explaining how I’m wrong, of course, or how he’s right – this is the guy, by the way, who at the request of the US government, stopped the peace deal in Ukraine a year and a half ago, and is for that reason responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people,” Carlson said of former British Prime Minister.

‘Putin didn’t ask me for million dollars'

The American news personality went on to reveal that he wasn’t asked for any monetary favours from Russia’s President Vladimir Putin for an interview. “I said, ‘I just interviewed Vladimir Putin – I’m not defending Putin, but [he] didn’t ask me for a million dollars!’ Carlson told the host. “So you’re telling me that Boris Johnson is a lot sleazier, a lot lower than Vladimir Putin. So this whole thing is a freaking shakedown,” he added.

The controversial journalist went on to question the merit of the financial funding in the Ukraine war. “this whole thing,” said Carlson, implying war funding, “Why $60 billion dollars? [It’s] not going to allow Ukraine to prevail over Russia. No honest person thinks that’s gonna work.” He went on to add, that the funding to Ukraine “is a money laundering operation.”


“A lot of people involved are making money off of it, and if you’re making money off of war, you can deal with God on that. Because that’s really immoral. Like that’s actually really, really wrong. And a lot of people are, including Boris Johnson,” said Carlson.


Published February 21st, 2024 at 12:44 IST