Updated March 11th, 2024 at 10:53 IST

Celebrating The Flat White: Coffee Icon Gets Its Day In The Google Doodle

Google marks the flat white's entry into the Oxford English Dictionary, highlighting its origins, ingredients, and cultural significance worldwide.

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Google Doodle Honors Flat White Coffee: A Tribute to a Coffee Icon | Image:Google

Today, as you open Google, you will get a fresh start, as Google Doodle has been changed to celebrate flat white coffee, marking a significant moment in the history of this favourite beverage. On March 11, 2011, the flat white officially found its place in the Oxford English Dictionary, cementing its status as a coffee icon. 

This beverage was believed to have originated in Australia and New Zealand during the 1980s. The flat white quickly gained popularity for its unique composition. The flat white became popular with its unique composition. Single or double espresso shot topped with velvety steamed milk and a delicate layer of microfoam. The flat white made its special place with its smooth texture and rich coffee flavour. 


To make a classic flat white, you'll need:


  1. Espresso shot (typically a double shot).
  2. Whole milk or your preferred alternative (such as oat milk).
  3. Optional: sugar or sweetener to taste.


  • For the perfect coffee recipe brew a double shot of espresso using your trick, ensuring a strong and flavourful base.
  • While the espresso is brewing, steam the milk to create a velvety texture. Pour cold milk into a steaming pitcher, ensuring it's filled no more than halfway to allow room for expansion.
  • Position the steam wand just below the surface of the milk and turn it on, allowing steam to gently froth the milk while maintaining a consistent whirlpool motion.
  • Continue steaming until the milk reaches a silky texture with microfoam bubbles, avoiding large bubbles or excessive foam.
  • Once the milk is steamed and the espresso shot is ready, pour the steamed milk over the espresso in a cup to create a smooth, integrated mixture with a thin layer of microfoam on top.
  • If desired, sprinkle a dash of cocoa powder or cinnamon on top for an extra touch of flavour.

Traditionally served in ceramic cups, the flat white has evolved alongside changing coffee preferences. Today, it's not uncommon to find variations made with plant-based milk, reflecting the evolving tastes of coffee enthusiasts worldwide. Oat milk, in particular, has emerged as a popular alternative among fans of the flat white.


Across cafes in Australia, New Zealand, and beyond, baristas showcase their artistry by crafting intricate designs atop each flat white, adding to its allure as a morning or afternoon indulgence. 


Published March 11th, 2024 at 10:53 IST