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New York's Cheeseball Man Goes Viral, Wins Hearts by Conquering Jar in Unusual Public Feat

Cheeseball Man wows Union Square crowd, eats jar of cheese balls; gains viral fame; New York's unlikely hero emerges.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
New York's Cheeseball Man Goes Viral | Image:X

New York is one amazing city and you can see the most unexpected things happening here. And the recent amazing and crazy thing the city has found is the “Cheeseball Man” who has drawn attention from the city on April 27. The new ‘Superhero’ of the city posted many pamphlets. The crowd was gathered at Union Square Park in New York city. And at the event the Cheeseball Man was supposed to eat a tub of cheese balls in one go. Many of the people who came here knew the subject as the Cheeseball Man posted it on his social media account. 

The pamphlets which were pasted at many places of the city have the photo of the man with a neon orange mask and a QR code. The mask covered all of his face and he also had a small cape with a jar of cheese balls in hands. The text which is written on the image says, “Come watch me eat this entire jar of cheeseballs. Union Square Park April 27th at 3 pm.”


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And without any surprise hundreds of people gathered in the park to see what was going to happen. People were there with their cameras and phones to record and capture the Cheese ball man’s reactions. The videos and the photos of this incident went viral on social media. 

Soon after a huge crowd gathered the cheese ball man started his speech in which he mentioned that he is allergic to gluten, and it was followed by the man running with a flag with his face on it. And the Cheeseball man started the challenge of Cheeseballs jar eating and the crowd was chanting “Cheeseball man - Cheeseball man” and “Eat those balls,” to encourage the cheeseball man. At the end when he held the last piece of the cheeseball, he held it in the air and people again started cheering for him. After he finished the whole jar one person crowned him with a traffic cone crown. 


In multiple interviews the cheeseball man shared his feelings about this event. He said, “I think everybody wants to be behind the mask.” Further he added that he, “didn't really expect this many people to show up.” 

He said, “I think people really do care about anonymity if anybody could be cheeseball man, and I think that's a beautiful thing to think about.” 


The social media was abuzz with the sensation of the cheeseball man. One of the users on Instagram wrote, “Not the hero we deserved, but the hero we needed.” And many others called him “legend” and “Keep up the good fight.” Following are the reactions on the cheeseball man. 

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Published May 1st, 2024 at 17:26 IST