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China accuses Canada of 'double standards' for its portrayal of Freedom Convoy protesters

China has criticised the Canadian government for its description of demonstrators in Freedom Convoy and the protesters in Hong Kong, blames for double standard.

Reported by: Rohit Ranjan
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China has criticised the Canadian government for its description of demonstrators in Freedom Convoy and the protesters in Hong Kong. It stated that Justin Trudeau's administration has shown its double standards. As per the reports of Global News, Wang Wenbin, who is the spokesperson for China's Foreign Ministry, said the subject is a Canadian internal matter on which he has no comment.

However, he further said that similar protests and demonstrations have been referred differently in various regions. He said that they were referred to as the human rights movement in Hong Kong, but they are referred to as a threat to democracy in Canada and such a blatant double standard is intolerable.

Wang further said that when protesters in Hong Kong attacked police and seriously disrupted public order, the Canadian side labelled it as human rights movement, made irresponsible remarks, and slandered the Hong Kong police. In a foreign policy speech on August 19, 2019, Trudeau stated that his government will remain steadfast in its reaction to the Hong Kong protests and that Canada would continue to protect its human rights and international law ideals.

Trudeau's government used emergency powers

This comes as Trudeau's government used emergency powers to put down trucker protests in Ottawa stating that the protests were a threat to democracy. Chinese Embassy in Canada stated that this assessment contrasted sharply with Ottawa's support for the rowdy protests that overtook in Hong Kong in March 2019 and lasted for several months.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused protestors camping in Ottawa of acting as a threat to the democracy, as demonstrators continued a three-week-old blockade at the capital to protest anti-pandemic efforts. Pepper spray, stun grenades, and batons were used by Canadian police to stop Freedom Convoy demonstrators who had been occupying downtown Ottawa for more than three weeks, according to the Guardian.

Truck drivers started protesting in late January

Truck drivers in Canada started protesting the government's COVID-19 vaccine mandates in late January when they were asked to be completely vaccinated before crossing the border into the United States. Soon it became protest against the government's general restrictive actions during the COVID-19 pandemic after being joined by thousands of demonstrators.

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Published February 23rd, 2022 at 15:37 IST