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US-Taiwan Deepening Ties Prompt China To Issue War Threat Against 'independence Forces'

China has fired fresh warnings over the growing ties between the United States and Taiwan, saying those who seek "Taiwan independence" are playing with fire.


China has fired fresh warnings over the growing relations between the United States and Taiwan, saying those who seek "Taiwan independence" are playing with fire and would eventually end up setting themselves on fire. Chinese Defence Ministry spokesperson Wu Qian on Thursday threatened "Taiwan independence" forces saying the territory is an inseparable part of China and speaking of its independence means nothing but war. This comes after Taiwan's ruling party recently expressed its desire to deepen ties with the United States under the new Joe Biden administration. 

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Wu also spoke about the recent violations of Taiwan's air defence identification zone (ADIZ) by the People's Republic of China (PLA) Air Force. "The military activities carried out by the Chinese PLA in the Taiwan Strait are necessary actions in response to the current security situation across the Taiwan Strait. It is also a solemn response to the interference of external forces and the provocations by 'Taiwan independence' forces," Wu said. The Chinese side feels that Taiwan is unnecessarily hyping up the "PLA military activities" across the Formosa Strait as air space violations. 

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Taiwan-China dispute

China claims Taiwan as its own territory and has on several occasions claimed to take the island nation by means of force. China feels threatened by the growing ties between Taiwan and the United States in the recent past, which it sees as a violation of the 'One China' policy. The United States has been selling weapons to Taiwan, saying it will help maintain the stability and peace in the region. The US has also been conducting regular military activities in the region to promote "freedom of navigation" in the Indo-Pacific. 

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Tensions between Taiwan and China has increased in the recent past, ever since Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen took over in 2016. Tsai refuses to recognise the 1992 Consensus reached between the then leaders of China and Taiwan, which says that there is only 'One China'. Under Tsai's rule, Taiwan has not only developed closer ties with Washington but has also purchased high-end military equipment for billions of dollars, including armed drones, rocket systems, missiles, etc, making Beijing wary of the ties.

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