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Xi Jinping's First Remarks On COVID-19 Surge In China, Urges Steps To 'protect Lives'

The President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping has finally opened up about the current COVID-19 crisis in the country. The remarks came on Monday.

Xi Jinping

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The President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping has finally opened up about the current COVID-19 crisis in the country.

On Monday, the Communist Party leader talked about the current situation and urged the Chinese officials to launch a “patriotic health campaign” in the country. China is currently facing one of the most severe surges in new COVID-19 cases in recent months. The Xi Jinping administration’s endeavour to relax the COVID-19 curbs as a response to the anti-lockdown protests has backfired as hospitals are getting overcrowded and bodies are piling up in the country. 

Citing a state directive, China’s news broadcasting agency, CCTV, reported that the President gave out the recent remarks on Monday. The Chinese President asserted, “At present, Covid-19 prevention and control in China are facing a new situation and new tasks.” Calling it a “new situation and new task", the Chinese President also urged the officials to take control of the situation. He said, “We should launch the patriotic health campaign in a more targeted way... fortify a community line of defense for epidemic prevention and control, and effectively protect people's lives, safety, and health.” 

China stops publishing daily COVID cases as the situation worsens

Xi Jinping’s recent remarks came after China’s top health body decided to stop publishing daily COVID case figures. The National Health Commission on Sunday asserted that it will only provide “relevant outbreak information”. The news came after reports emerged that the Chinese administration is under-reporting COVID cases and COVID-related deaths. 

The current Chinese administration is under immense strain as the figures are getting worse. While the Chinese NHC only reported 10 COVID-related deaths in the country in recent months, videos are circulating on social media where bodies can be seen pilling up in the crematoriums.

In the midst of all the chaos international agencies like WHO have also expressed their concerns over the current crisis in the country. Expressing his concern over the current crisis, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, “WHO is very concerned over the evolving situation in China with increasing reports of severe disease.” Hence, the rare acknowledgement by the Chinese President indicates that the current surge in cases in China is one of the biggest challenges the Communist administration has on its plate. 

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