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China's poor management of Covid protocols increase death toll in China, claims experts

The Chinese government has been losing its control over the coronavirus restrictions and poor management has contributed to the increase in Coronavirus.

Reported by: Saumya Joshi
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The Chinese government has been "under-prepared" as it decided to end its zero-COVID policy abruptly after the people of china came onto the streets to protest, reported a local state newspaper.

The Chinese government has been losing its control over the coronavirus restrictions and poor management has contributed to the increase in Coronavirus, reported ANI. Epidemiologists have predicted at least three waves of the virus to hit the country during winter. There has been no definitive number shared by the Chinese government on the Coronavirus deaths. In the coming months, there would be an increase in the in covid cases after restrictions have been lifted in November.

"The current outbreak would peak this winter and run in three waves for about three months," said Wu Zunyou, the chief epidemiologist at Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, while talking about the current situation in China at a press conference.

Further, Wu has said that the first wave would end in Mid-January followed by the second wave that would begin soon after and the cause of this outbreak would be the mass travels across the country during the Lunar New Year starting on 21 January. China would also face a third wave starting from late February to Mid-march as people would resume work after the holidays, predicted Wu, as per the local news reports. There have been predictions by experts that the death toll in China would rise in the coming months due to the coronavirus.

 According to experts, China is poorly prepared for a drastic exit as the country is facing a shortage of strengthening the elderly vaccination rate, intensive care capacity in hospitals, and stockpiling antiviral medications, reported ANI.

Poor management by China's hospitals

Looking at the current situation in China and its management of Coronavirus, experts have predicted that China would be hit hard by rising Covid cases in the coming months. It has been witnessed that the work in hospitals have been decreased as hospital management is struggling with less number of beds available and health officials being infected. 

Apart from mismanagement, the pharmacies in China have been running out of stock because of the increase in demand since the Zero Covid policy was uplifted abruptly. There is a situation of chaos in China as countless cases have been reported, despite the official count being around 2,000 a day, reported The Hong Kong Post. Amid these crises, the national health commission announced that it would no long longer be counting asymptomatic infections as it is 'impossible' to track. 


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