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Divided War Cabinet, Biden's Call: What is Delaying Israel's Counter-Offensive Plans Against Iran?

Netanyahu called off strikes on Iran last-minute after a phone call with Biden, according to reports

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Joe Biden and PM Benjamin Netanyahu | Image:AP

Tel Aviv: Nearly 24 hours after Iran fired more than 300 drones and missiles on Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plan of launching a counter-offensive attack has been mired in bureaucracy. A divided war cabinet on when and how to launch an attack on Iran and US President Joe Biden telling Netanyahu that his country would not be part of Israel's retaliatory strikes are being seen as the main reasons behind Israel's delayed response. If US media reports are to be believed, Netanyahu called off strikes on Iran last-minute after a phone call with Biden.

The Biden administration has been pushing the Netanyahu government to avoid the situation in the Middle-East from escalating further, according to several media reports. Amid Biden urging Netanyahu to "think carefully and strategically," the Israeli war cabinet suspended its discussion after nearly three hours of deliberations on how to respond. However, the sentiment of responding strongly to Iran's massive attack is still strong in Jerusalem. 

It is a matter of time before the attack goes through, the NBC network quoted an official source in Netanyahu's office as saying. The war cabinet is also intent on launching a counter-offensive against Israel but is divided over when and how, as per Reuters report.

Unlike using proxies in Yemen, Lebanon and Azerbaijan, Iran's massive missile and drone attack is being seen as the country's direct challenge to Israel, from which Netanyahu can hardly back down now. Heeding to US' calls of deterrence now will affect Netanyahu's image of a strong leader, opined several defence experts, according to reports. 

The ongoing war in Gaza and possibility of engaging in a direct conflict with Iran without the support of allies will be weighing heavily on Netanyahu's shoulders.






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