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Austria Introduces Climate Ticket For Nationwide Public Transport To Combat Climate Change

Austria: Climate ticket will allow the people to use all public transport including buses, trams, trains. The climate ticket will have the validity of one year.


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In a move to combat challenges being faced due to climate change, the Austrian government introduced climate tickets for the people. The climate ticket that will allow people to travel on all public transport in Austria will be available to them from Thursday, October 28 onwards. The decision has been taken by the Austrian government for climate-friendly transportation, reported In addition, the climate ticket will allow the people to help in achieving the targets given under the Paris climate agreement. The climate ticket will allow the people to use all public transport including buses, trams and trains. The climate ticket will have the validity of one year for all types of public transportation, reported

Austria introduces country-wide 'climate tickets' for all public transport

With the climate ticket, public transport users will be able to travel throughout Austria for one year for 1,095 euros. The climate ticket would have a discount of 15% until October 31 and people would be required to pay 949 euros for purchasing the ticket. For people aged below 26 and people who have retired, they would be having a reduced price of 821 euros. In addition, they can also take a 15% additional discount until October 31, which would further reduce the price of a climate ticket to 699 euros, reported

Furthermore, the ticket cannot be used for the first 14 days as this will be the grace period for people purchasing the climate ticket. The people can return the ticket to authorities after the grace period and would receive their money back. However, people who wish to travel immediately can purchase an active ticket from a brick and mortar vendor. 

Minister of Climate Action and Environment Leonore Gewessler announced the introduction of the climate ticket in the country, reported Vindobona Vienna International News on October 1. Gewessler informed that the climate ticket will allow the people to travel throughout the country for one year for 1,095 euros. Furthermore, a joint ticket of 915 euros per year will be available for the entire eastern region, which includes Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland, as per the Vindobona Vienna International News report. While announcing the launch of the climate ticket, Leonore Gewessler stated that it is a "great day for the climate and transport" and further added that if people start using public transport, it will be beneficial for the climate. 

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