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France: Man Dressed As Ninja Attacks Two Policewomen With Sword; Gets Shot By Cops

The French Police had fired three rounds of shots, one of which hit the ninja in the abdomen, causing him to be held down and immobilised


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In northeastern France, a person who was dressed as a ninja and attacked two female police officials with a katana sword, was shot and sent to the hospital. As per Daily Mail, after the ninja-disguised person crashed and wrecked a stolen Citroen C3 vehicle into a service station in Tourlaville, on the suburbs of Cherbourg, he further charged the two policewomen, who were in pursuit of him, with a wielding sword.

Following this incident, the French Police had fired three rounds of shots, one of which hit the ninja in the abdomen, causing him to go down immobilised. The ninja had struck both cops on their head, along with one on the chin and the other on the face, before being shot. The ninja was taken to the hospital in a bad condition, along with the two female cops, whose wounds are not believed to be critical.

A police spokesperson stated that there were no initial indications that the assailant was acting with a terrorist purpose. The assailant was clothed in black in the style of traditional Japanese ninja warriors and the assailant's identity has yet to be established. The incident occurred about 3:45 p.m. local time near a Leclerc grocery chain petrol station, as per the Independent website. 

'Throwing stars' were found from the Ninja attacker's car

Furthermore, French police searched the stolen car following the attack and revealed that the assailant had a full array of weapons, which include numerous swords, a crossbow, bow as well as 'throwing stars', which are sharp objects that can be hurled at a target by hand. 

As per Daily Mail, the incident commenced when police personnel in Cherbourg's Malakoff area found a grey Citroen C3 that had been reported stolen.

They started following the automobile, which then drove off eastbound towards Tourlaville. After a brief chase, the C3's driver lost all control and collided at the Leclerc fuel station in Tourlaville at 3:45 p.m. local time, proceeding to attack the policewomen as well. 

The event triggered a massive response from France's police departments, and by 4:15 p.m. local time, the gas station was totally sealed down, with dozens of police officers, ambulance personnel, and firemen descending on the site.  

(Image: AP/ Unsplash/ Representative Image) 

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