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France 'on Alert' Amid Re-emergence Of COVID Cases, Warns Spokesperson Gabriel Attal

Gabriel Attal has informed that even though France has a high vaccination rate, he insisted that they require “vigilance” in the country.


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French government’s spokesperson Gabriel Attal has warned that the country is “on alert” amid the re-emergence of COVID. Attal, however, added that there is no lockdown planned. Speaking on Radio France Internationale, he said that the country is in a state of “alert” as the number of coronavirus cases has witnessed a rise of about 50% during last week.

Gabriel Attal has informed that even though France has a high vaccination rate, he insisted that they require “vigilance” in the country. The French government spokesperson while speaking on Radio France Internationale said that there is no lockdown planned in the country. Furthermore, he highlighted that end of year celebrations in France will not be impacted due to restrictions such as those imposed in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic. 

The French government’s spokesperson urged the people to get vaccinated and eligible people to get booster doses in order to protect themselves against COVID. Attal underscored that they have “built a wall” due to the vaccination campaign in the country and they must ensure that it does not “crack”. As per the AP report, people who are aged above 65 or with underlying health conditions are eligible to get a booster dose in France. 

COVID-19 situation in France

According to Worldometer, as of 16 November, the overall tally of COVID-19 cases in France has reached 7,290,886. The total number of fatalities reported due to COVID-19 is 118,224. The number of people who have recovered from coronavirus in France has reached 5,162,757. 

Macron urges people to receive booster dose

Last week, French President Emmanuel Macron urged people to get booster shots amid the rise in COVID cases that have raised concerns across Europe. Macron in the mass appeal called on the people that anyone above the age of 65 years who have been vaccinated more than six months ago needs to get a booster shot by mid-December for their "health pass" to remain valid, according to AP. 

Macron vowed to ramp up the enforcement of the health pass, which is required to go to all restaurants and many public places in the country. In order to get a health pass, people are required to show proof of COVID vaccination, a negative virus test or a recent recovery from the virus. French President further informed that the booster dose that is authorised presently for people aged above 65 or with underlying health conditions, will be expanded to those 50 and over in December. 

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