Updated May 22nd, 2024 at 11:16 IST

Fact Check: Teenage Girl Records The Greatest Blue Meteor Shower Moment Video Ever | WATCH

Over the weekend, a dazzling comet fragment illuminated the skies across parts of Spain and Portugal, providing astronomers with a rare display.

Reported by: Pritam Saha
Teen Girl Captures Coolest Video Of Viral Blue Meteor Shower Moment | Image:X

Viral: Social media users have been sharing videos of an incredible sight seen in the night skies above Spain and Portugal. As the celestial object flew overhead, a brilliant neon blue light could be seen pouring throughout the atmosphere for around seven seconds. The meteor appeared to be a piece of a comet that broke off and traveled through Earth's atmosphere at a height of around 35 miles, according to the European Space Agency (ESA). Though several people took videos of the event and shared them on social media, one in particular sticks out. A moment cut from a science fiction film appears in the video, which has shocked a lot of people.

Selfie Of A Lifetime

As the girl is going to record a video or take a selfie under the stars, the sky behind her suddenly turns blue, capturing the moment on camera. She flashes a surprised smile as she looks up at the now blue-lit skies. She keeps staring at the meteor as long as it's in her line of sight. Meanwhile, the surrounding area's color was shifting, giving the impression that we were in a science fiction scene. "This girl captured the COOLEST video of the meteor that fell in Portugal," was the caption posted with the video on X, a platform that was originally Twitter.

By the time of publishing this article, the video had garnered 41 million views, leaving commenters in wonder. "She made the greatest video of her life", a person commented. Another person stated, "There is no greater movie than this one. An experience of a lifetime!" The chances of a meteorite passing over you while you are filming yourself on the street, upside down, is virtually unforeseeable, not simply "rare." 

Magnificent Cosmic Beauty

Over the weekend, a dazzling comet fragment illuminated the skies across parts of Spain and Portugal, providing astronomers with a rare display. Even though several were lucky to witness and snap the magnificent cosmic beauty, the one captured by this girl during a selfie has caught the netizens. A girl is seen sitting under the night sky, about to take a video or a selfie, when it suddenly lights up blue behind her, all captured on her camera. She was hanging out with her friends on Saturday night, recording a video when she accidentally captured this moment. The video has since then gone viral.

European Space Agency (ESA) Statement

A video of a "stunning meteor" captured by the European Space Agency's (ESA) "fireball camera" was uploaded to X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday. The agency reported that the blue light was traveling at over 45 miles per hour when it streaked across the sky above the western Spanish city of Caceres, which lies near the Portuguese border. But after two hours, the ESA used X once more to tell the public that the meteor was, in fact, a "small piece of comet." It said there is extremely little chance of finding any meteorites. It follows that there is little chance of the comet hitting Earth. According to the ESA, the comet burned up at a height of 60 kilometers over the Atlantic Ocean.

A stunning comet fragment gave astronomers a unique display over the weekend, lighting up the skies over portions of Spain and Portugal. While many were fortunate enough to see and photograph the breathtaking cosmic splendor, the selfie taken by this girl has gone viral on the internet.


Published May 22nd, 2024 at 11:16 IST