Updated March 6th, 2024 at 12:55 IST

Golden Delight: Ranveer Brar's 24-Carat Dal Takes Internet by Storm | WATCH

Viral video shows Ranveer Brar's 24-carat gold dust garnished dal, sparking social media reactions and garnering millions of views.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
24-Carat Gold Dust Dal From Ranveer Brar’s Dubai Restaurant Goes Viral | Image:Instagram: streetfoodrecipe

Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar is quite famous on the Internet for his amazing cooking skills and the quick tips that he shares every now and then on his Youtube channel and Instagram handle. But this time he again went viral for a dish that is served with 24-Carat gold. 

A recent viral video emerged on Instagram in which a user shared a video of Dal, which is served in a classy wooden box, but what amazes people is that it is garnished with 24-carat gold dust. The name of this special dish is ‘Dal Kashkan,’ an exclusive dish priced at 58 dirhams, close to Rs. 1300.

The viral video was shared by an Instagram user, @streetfoodrecipe (Mehul Hingu). The video starts with a waiter pouring the gold dust on the dal from a bowl. The dal was already garnished and cooked with spices and ghee.  The whole dish was kept in a wooden box, and the server also explained the specialties of the dish to the customers. 

The video was shared with a caption that reads, 24 Carat Golden Tadke Wali Dal at Kashkan by Ranveer Brar, Dubai Festive City Mall.”

Moreover, “24 Carat Golden Tadke Wali Dal” was written on the video. 

Till now, the video has had 86 lakh views and 1.9 lakh likes. The comment section of this viral Instagram reel was filled with comments from social media users. 

One user wrote, “Tadka that does not sizzle is no tadka.” 

Another user wrote, “Toh isko khaani hai ya Tijori mein rakhni hai?”

A user said, "So this dal was preserved in this 'Sanduk' for how many years ???"



Published March 6th, 2024 at 12:55 IST