Updated April 14th, 2024 at 16:32 IST

Indian Embassy in Iran and Israel Issues Fresh Advisory, Helpline Numbers For Indians - Details

The embassy released two contact numbers ( +972-547520711 and +972-543278392) and provided a link to a form, asking all Indians to register themselves.

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Indian Embassy Issues Fresh Advisory, Helpline Numbers as Iran-Israel Tensions Escalates | Image:AP

New Delhi: Given the ongoing tensions between Iran and Israel, the Embassy of India in Israel has issued a fresh advisory for Indian nationals on Sunday, April 14. The Embassy also released helpline numbers for Indians.

Indian Embassy in Israel releases Helpline Numbers:

The Embassy released two contact numbers, as follows: +972-547520711 and +972-543278392. The Embassy also provided a link to a form, asking all Indian citizens to register themselves with the Embassy.

The Embassy urged the nationals to stay calm and follow all the safety protocols stated by the local authorities. Furthermore, it said that it is monitoring the situation and are currently in touch with Israeli authorities to ensure the safety of the Indian nationals.

The advisory posted on X read, “In light of recent events in the region, all Indian nationals in Israel are advised to stay calm and adhere to the safety protocols issued by the local authorities.”


Indian Embassy in Iran releases Helpline Numbers:

The Embassy of India in Iran has activated additional helpline numbers for assistance to Indian nationals. The Helpline Numbers are as follows: +989128109115; +98993179567; +989932179359; +98-21-88755103-5.


The advisory from both embasies comes as Iran attacked Israel in the late hours of Saturday seeking revenge after the latter attacked Tehran's consulate in Syria.


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