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Lee Min Ho to Kim Woo Bin: 6 South Korean male actors all set to make comeback this year

From Lee Min Ho to Kim Woo Bin and others, several popular South Korean male actors are all set to make their comebacks this year.

Reported by: Vibhuti Sanchala
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South Korea's entertainment industry has been booming ever since its entry into global markets. The actors from the Asian country have been enjoying global fandom. From Lee Min Ho to Gong Yoo, the actors have made a name for themselves globally. After a long hiatus, several popular South Korean male actors are all set to make their comebacks this year. Check out the list of actors all set for a major comeback.  

South Korean actors comeback in 2022

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho is all set to feature in the much-awaited Apple TV+ original K drama, Pachinko. He dropped a post on his Instagram handle with a still of Ko Hansu, his character from the series. This came as a sweet surprise for his fans and viewers. The K drama is based on a novel with the same title and is penned by Min Jin Lee. It follows a profoundly told love story of teenage ‘Sunja’, the adorable daughter of a poor fisherman whose unplanned pregnancy with a rich stranger (played by Lee in the show) brings shame to the family. Sunja discovers bitter truths, decides to abandon everything and marry a gentle, sickly minister, and moves to Japan. All this and much more sets a dramatic saga that resonates through the generations.

Kim Woo Bin

Kim Woo Bin, who was last seen in Uncontrollably fond, is returning to the small screen with multiple projects. He will be seen opposite Esom in the upcoming Netflix sci-fi series, Black Knight. The K drama is set in the future and it narrates the story of an unbreathable world in 2071. He also has yet another highly-anticipated drama, Our Blues, which will be released this year. 

Lee Jongsuk

The South Korean superstar will be making his comeback on the silver screen and the television screen with Decibel and Big Mouth. In the action film, Decibel, he will be seen as an honest and loyal navy captain. Besides Decibel, Lee Jongsuk will also appear in the forthcoming K drama Big Mouth, where he will be seen opposite Girl’s Generation’s YoonA. Lee Jongsuk will play Park Changho, who is a lawyer undertaking a murder case putting his life in danger. 

So Jisub

So Jisub, who was last seen in My Secret Terrius in 2018, will be returning to the small screen with Dr Lawer. The MBC drama will follow the journey of a genius surgeon Han Yihan, who specializes in general and cardiothoracic surgery. 

Do Kyungsoo

K-pop idol and actor D.O from EXO, aka Do Kyungsoo will mark his comeback to KBS this year after a long hiatus of over seven years through the drama True Swordsmanship. The plot revolves around Jin Jung who is an ill-mannered yet intelligent prosecutor who is up against crime and corruption. Apart from this, D.O will also feature as the lead juggling character in several films this year including As an astronaut in The Moon, as a pianist in Secret, and as Private Wong Dongyeon in Along With the Gods 3.

Woo Dohwan

After his serving his mandatory military service, actor Woo Dohwan will be returning to the screen with the Netflix series, the webtoon-based K drama titled Hunting Dogs (Bloodhound). The actor will play Gun Woo, a talented boxer who takes up a job as a bodyguard to pay off his mother's debts. 

Image: Instagram/@leeminho/@___kimwoobin


Published February 1st, 2022 at 19:52 IST