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Sports Toto 4D Results: Malaysian Lottery Winning Numbers For February 26, 2020

Sports Toto 4D one of the most popular lotteries played in Malaysia. Read to know how you can check the latest results, how to play and the winning amount.

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Malaysia Lottery has a vast diversity of lotto games available. In total, there are 26 different lotteries for which you can try your luck. Each lottery has different winning ratios, particular odds, methodologies of playing, and award ranges. Under the various lotteries, 4D is reportedly one of the most famous lotteries in Malaysia. Here is all you should know about the Sports Toto 4D Malaysia Results

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Sports Toto 4D Malaysia

Sports Toto Malaysia was established in 1969 by the government of Thailand. Only national-licensed lottery operators are allowed to distribute the tickets. Sports Toto Malaysia includes games like Toto 4D, Toto 4D Jackpot, Supreme Toto 6/58, Power Toto 6/55, Star Toto 6/50, Toto 5D and Toto 6D. In Sports Toto 4D lottery-type you will have to choose four number of ranging from 0000 to 9999. The minimum betting amount per game is one Ringgit but if you want then you can bet large wagers too. You will need to be 21+ to participate in the lottery and here is the result of Sports Toto 4D Malaysia February 26, 2020.

The results of Sports Toto 4D for February 26, 2020

Sports Toto 4d Results Feb 26

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The prises available in the Sports Toto 4D Malaysia

The prizes you win will be proportionate to the principal amount the players have paid. If the player bets big he will get a bigger amount and if lower then lower amounts will be won. There are five categories of prizes available in the Sports Toto 4D Malaysia. Take a look here to know in detail about Sports Toto 4D Malaysia results. To win the top prize, you will need to match your number to the number that is drawn from the lotto.

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In the table below you will see the prizes based on investing one ringgit as the bet.

Prize Category 

Big Bet (RM)

Small Bet (RM)










10 Special   



10 Consolation Prizes



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