Updated March 17th, 2024 at 22:41 IST

Luxury Space Travel Company To Host First-Ever Space Dining Experience With Michelin-Starred Chef

A luxury space tourism company announces dinner in space in collaboration with Michelin-starred chef Rasmus Munk. Netizens ask, Is this satire? read more

Reported by: Rishi Shukla
Luxury space travel company to host dinner in space | Image:Instagram

World News: Spacevip, a luxury space tourism company announces an extraordinary collaboration with renowned Michelin starred Chef Rasmus Munk for dinner in space. 

Breaking the boundaries of conventional dining, this venture promises an out of the world experience where diners ascend 100,000 feet above sea level to indulge in gastronomic delights amidst the ethereal backdrop of space.


Official Instagram account of @restaurantalchemist and @joinspacevip have jointly shared a post 3 days ago. 

According to the post, “We are thrilled to announce that @joinspacevip will be hosting the first stratospheric dining experience with Michelin-Starred Chef Rasmus Munk of @restaurantalchemist aboard @thespaceperspective Spaceship Neptune, the world’s first carbon neutral space capsule. Explorers will ascend 100,000 ft above sea level where they will dine as they watch the sunrise over the Earth’s curvature. Each passenger will be dressed by French fashion house @ogier.official in made-to-measure outfits. Proceeds from the expedition will be directed to @thespaceprize in support of promoting gender equality in science and technology..”


Chef Rasmus Munk, from Denmark, renowned for his innovative culinary creations, will curate an exclusive menu designed specifically for this space adventure. 


In addition to the gastronomic journey, guests will be adorned in attire crafted by the French fashion house, Ogier.

The post is gaining popularity on social media with over 10K likes and counting. Netizens however in the comment section are giving mixed comments. 


One user writes, "What a life time experience it could be , it’s a marvel dining experience with the stars. You rock keep it up. I would love to be there all the best", while another user writes, “Man!!the stars are really the limit.” Another user writes, “Is this satire”


Published March 17th, 2024 at 21:06 IST