Updated June 10th, 2024 at 11:32 IST

'Made in China': Is China's Tallest Waterfall a Fake? Viral Video Reveals Mystery

‘How could it be called the No.1 waterfall anymore’ netizens asked after chinese hiker shared a video of water pipe secretly fueling waterfall

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Hiker finds pipe feeding China's tallest waterfall | Image:X

Viral Video: In a viral video, a Chinese hiker discovered a man-made water pipe secretly fueling a towering 1,000-foot waterfall. The video was shared on Douyin, a popular Chinese app, showcases the artificial pipe pouring water into the waterfall.

The video showcasing the Chinese hiker’s discovery has sparked a social media craze, spreading across different platforms. Netizens have flooded the comments section with humorous reactions. 

After the video of the waterfall with artificial pipes went viral on the internet, internet users cracked  'Made in China' jokes. Additionally, many expressed worry for the Chinese hiker who revealed the truth behind the country's tallest natural waterfall.


“Nothing is real!!,” commented an X user . “This is like the most Chinese story we’ve ever read,” wrote a second user. Another social media user said, “In China, everything is fake...One of the most disturbing fakes I've heard of is the use of human hair waste from salons and barbers to make soy sauce,”. 

After the video became really popular, Chinese government officials had to say apologies after a hiker discovers a secret water pipe feeding China’s tallest waterfall.


Millions of tourists visit the 1,024-foot-tall Yuntai Mountain Waterfall annually, attracted by its ancient geological formations over a billion years old.

‘I didn't expect to meet everyone this way. As a seasonal scenery I can't guarantee that I will be in my most beautiful form everytime you come to see me,’ - social media post from officials for Yuntai Mountain Geopark. ‘I made a small enhancement during the dry season only so I would look my best to meet my friends,’they added. 


Even after the apology, people on social media in China were still really angry about fake waterfall. 

‘It's not respecting the natural order, and not respecting the tourists’ one user from china said. ‘How could it be called the No.1 waterfall anymore’ another user said. 





Published June 10th, 2024 at 11:32 IST