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Iran Warns Of ‘crushing Response' If Donald Trump Launches Attack On Nuclear Site

Iran has issued a warning in response to Donald Trump's alleged plan to strike Iran's nuclear sites, stating that it would result in a 'crushing response'

Iran warns to strike back if US President Donald Trump launches attack on nuclear site

Iran has issued a warning in response to Donald Trump's alleged plan to strike Iran's nuclear sites. As per a report by The Guardian, Iran government spokesperson Ali Rabiei warned against the attack while stating that it would result in a 'crushing response' from the country. This comes after The New York Times reported on Monday that the outgoing US President Donald Trump pondered upon options to strike Iran's main nuclear site, but was discouraged from doing so by his advisors and warned that it could cause a major conflict in the Middle East region. 

Trump planning an attack on Iran?

According to the report by The New York Times, Republican leader Donald Trump, who is yet to concede defeat to Democratic President-elect Joe Biden, sought suggestions from his top aides including US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, VP Mike Pence and Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley on the options available to take action against Iran's nuclear sites in the upcoming weeks. The report further adds that the officials dissuaded the President from doing so as a military strike of that nature may escalate into a severe border conflict. Reports also suggest that Trump is frustrated that his maximum sanctions policy has not discouraged or forced Iran to negotiate with the country as he continues to look for foreign policy legacy while withdrawing US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. 

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President Donald Trump's plan comes soon after the officials informed him of reports from UN nuclear watch god suggesting that Iran is stockpiling uranium among other nuclear material and have also denied access to a nuclear site where there seems to be proof of prior nuclear activity. The report cited by the US officials was issued by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) claiming that Iran's capital, Tehran has increased turanium stockpile by nearly 12 times more than what is permitted under the three-year-old nuclear deal which was signed in a bid to limit the country's nuclear capabilities. The 2018 nuclear deal was scrapped by Donald Trump. 

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It was also reported that Iran remains warned and on guard for military confrontation following the reshuffling of officials and other changes in the Pentagon which includes the removal of US Defence Secretary Mark Esper. 

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