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Lebanon Misses Government Formation Deadline, French President Macron 'disappointed'

French President Emmanuel Macron said he regrets the failure of Lebanese lawmakers at forming a new government as per the mutually decided 15-day deadline.

Lebanon fails to form crisis cabinet, French President regrets delay

French President Emmanuel Macron said he regrets the failure of Lebanese lawmakers at forming a new government as per the 15-day deadline agreed upon by both countries. The statement was released by his office on Wednesday, September 16.

According to reports, the deadline was set as a part of Macron's initiative in Lebanon following the events of the Beirut blast and the French President has been pressing the Lebanese lawmakers to select experts to the 'Crisis Cabinet' who could guide the country out of its current political and economic turmoil.

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'Not too late' to form government: Macron

As per reports, despite missing the deadline, Macron has expressed that it is not too late for Lebanon to form a crisis cabinet. However, opposing political parties in Lebanon are unable to reach a consensus regarding the appointment of key portfolios such as the Finance Ministry.

According to reports, the French President in his statement said, “It is not yet too late: everyone must assume their responsibilities and finally act in the sole interest of Lebanon by allowing Moustapha Adib to form a government that reflects the seriousness of the situation.” 

Moustapha Adib is the current Prime Minister-designate of Lebanon who took the top chair following the resignation of the elected Lebanese government in the wake of public anger.

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Meanwhile, the European Union has also stated that it would like to see a "credible" government in Lebanon before releasing the next round of funding for the blast-hit country. Janez Lenarcic, EU's commissioner for crisis management has called for an urgent formation of a credible government before starting the second phase of funding. EU has so far contributed $79 million since Beirut was rocked by explosions on August 4.

A devastating explosion in the Beirut on August 4 plunged Lebanon into further chaos. About 200 people were killed with thousands have been left homeless after 2,700 ton of poorly stored ammonium nitrates detonated at the Beirut port. The explosion, which has been called the largest non-nuclear blast in history, has caused infrastructural loss worth billions of dollars.

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