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UN Nuclear Watchdog To Inspect Iran's Second Site Following IAEA Chief Grossi's Last Visit

UN Nuclear watchdog’s chief stated on September 14 that a team would soon be visiting the second sites in Iran suspected of containing nuclear material

UN nuclear watchdog inspectors to visit second site in Iran soon

International Atomic Energy Agency’s chief Rafael Grossi is reported to have stated on Tuesday, September 14 that a team would soon be visiting the second of the two sites in Iran suspected of undeclared nuclear activity. Last month Iran finally agreed to allow IAEA inspectors to visit the two contentious sites that had been the cause of diplomatic tensions.

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Iran grants access to IAEA

Iran’s initial refusal to let UN nuclear watchdog inspectors visit the two sites caused immense worry among world leaders and jeopardised efforts to maintain the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran after the United States backed out of the deal in 2018. As per an IAEA press release, Iran had voluntarily agreed to allow access to IAEA inspectors after intensive bilateral consultations.

The 2015 nuclear deal gives Iran relief from international sanctions in exchange for severely limiting its nuclear programme. But since the US’s unilateral departure from the deal, Iran has increased nuclear activity beyond the stipulated mark in the agreement. After backing out of the nuclear deal, the US has been lobbying for the reimposition of pre-deal sanctions and even introduced a resolution in the United Nations Security Council which was defeated.

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UK, France And Germany to veto sanctions

Earlier, UK, France and Germany's foreign ministers announced their joint decision to reject US demands to snapback all UN sanctions on Iran. The decision comes as many world leaders at the United Nations earlier resisted US lobbying over Iran sanctions.

The latest E3 (UK, France and Germany) meeting was hosted by UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab who met his French and German counterparts in Kent, England. The E3 is reported to been frustrated with the US stubbornness and unwillingness to negotiate.

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