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After Embarrassing 'Beijing-Begging' Fiasco, Pakistan PM Imran Khan Acts: PTV's Director Sacked

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • Suspension of Hassan Immad Mohammadi, Director PTV announced after Beijing was misspelled "begging" while Imran Khan was addressing a school in China.
  • The blunder by the state-funded channel drew innumerable trolls on Twitter, as #begging trended on top of Pakistan Twitter.

An ironic typographical error by the Pakistan Television (PTV) Network on November 4, during Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s address from China, found him in at the mercy of trollers. The after effect? The suspension of Col Hassan Immad Mohammadi, Director PTV, which was announced on Tuesday. 

While televising PM Khan, the state-run network misspelt the capital of China, Beijing, as “begging”. On the top left corner of the location label, “begging” stayed for a good 20 seconds, enough for people to take screenshots, before it was changed. 

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Before long #Begging trended on top of Pakistani Twitter, making this quite embarrassing for the Pakistan Government.

The “begging” blunder was specifically sardonic because PM Khan on his first official visit to China was looking for financial backing from China to deal with the crumbling economic problems of Pakistan. 

After the screenshots of the “begging” fiasco and trolls for Khan overwhelmed social media, the broadcaster shared a tweet apologising for error, “Today, during a live address of the prime minister during his ongoing visit to China, a typographical error took place, which remained on screen for 20 seconds and later removed. This incident is regrettable. Strict action has been initiated under rules against concerned officials.”

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China has already assured over $60 billion to Pakistan in form of investment and loans for ports, roads, power plants and industrial estates under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. But the ability of Pakistan to make good on the investment has been a matter of concern. 

On his recent visit to Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom has offered Pakistan $3 billion as a balance of payment aid. Furthermore, Mohammad bin Salman’s Kingdom has agreed to adjourn a one-year payment facility for oil imports worth $3 billion.