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Pakistan Top Of Hillary's Mind When Asked About 'deep State'; Gives Scorching Definition

Former State Secretary Hillary Clinton explained the workings of a "Deep State" in a recent interview, citing Pakistan as an example


Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton explained the workings of a "Deep State" in an interview that has recently emerged, citing Pakistan as an example. Clinton was asked by the anchor on what she understood from the word "Deep State" and who the people were behind this form of an establishment. Responding to this Hillary said, "This is a term which was coined by political scientists to describe certain countries, for example, Pakistan where the military and the intelligence services basically ran the country." 

"So you could get elected but if they did not like you, or you cross them you're out, maybe you could get arrested, deported, get accused of something and get assassinate or executed," said Clinton to the anchor. 

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Opposition lashes out at Pakistan military 

Former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif had confirmed the role of the military in the Pakistan Government after he accused the military establishment of "completely interfering" in the democratic process. Addressing a conference of opposition parties in Islamabad via video, he lamented that the sanctity of people's vote has been always trampled upon by the Pakistani Army.  

Launching a scathing attack on the military, Sharif had indicated that the military ran a "parallel government" which was more powerful than the democratically elected government. He described this phenomenon as a "state above the state", similar to a "deep state" as explained by Clinton. According to him, the root cause of Pakistan's problems was the military's refusal to accept the writ of the elected representatives and the existence of a parallel government. 

Meanwhile, leaders of 11 of Pakistan's top opposition parties have joined forces against the Pakistan Military for rigging the 2018 elections that saw the rise of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf's Imran Khan as the Prime Minister of the nation. The leaders have together formed the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) to launch a three-phased anti-government movement to seek the selected prime minister’s resignation and an end to the role of the military establishment in politics."

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