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Imran Khan's Experiments In Chicken Farming Make Netizens Name Him "Omelette Ka Baadshah"

Addressing an event, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has seen discussing his experiments in poultry farming, as the audience laughed at his suggestions.


An old video wherein Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had discovered a new multi-million dollar industry to help the economy of Pakistan has re-emerged, much to the Internet's amusement. Addressing an event in 2018, Khan has seen discussing his 'unique' experiments in poultry farming sharing how a thousand chickens could produce more eggs and even more chicks to sell. 

"We have started with Desi chickens, we will give them eggs, we will give them chicks, today I am talking about things that will not require millions of dollars. The experiment and pilot has been done. If we help them and vaccinate these chickens, their protein intake will rise then we will have more chickens, eggs and more chicks to sell," said Imran Khan.

Meanwhile, the audience was seen uncontrollably laughing and snickering at his suggestions. 

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Netizens react 

Netizens compared Imran Khan's ambitious poultry farming experiments for Pakistan's economy to the iconic "Andaz Apna Apna" scene with Paresh Rawal's "Teja" talking about his plans to open a poultry farm. Quoting Paresh Rawal's popular line-- "Bread ka Badshah aur omelette ka raja - Bajaj! Hamara Bajaj," netizens touted Khan as the new "Omelette ka Badshah".

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