Pakistan Singer Wears Suicide Vest To Threaten India, Twitter Explodes

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Pakistan pop singer Rabi Pirzada on Wednesday, took to Twitter to post a photo of herself with a timebomb strapped to her chest. Twitter exploded with memes

Written By Suchitra Karthikeyan | Mumbai | Updated On:

While Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan continues to fearmonger on Kashmir one of his citizens has decided to threaten action. Pakistan pop singer Rabi Pirzada on Wednesday, took to Twitter to post a photo of herself with a timebomb strapped to her chest. Calling PM Modi 'ModiHitler' she boasted herself as 'Kashmir ki Beti' while threatening to blow herself up, assumably for Kashmir.

Pak pop singer threatens 'suicide' for Kashmir

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Her 'threat' had the opposite result, with netizens calling her move 'brainless':

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Pirzada's snake threat

Previously, Pirzada had on September 5 posted a video on her social media handles in which she was playing with snakes and threatening Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She said that the pythons are 'special gifts' for PM Modi. "I, a Kashmiri lady, is ready with her snakes for India. These gifts are for Modi actually. You are bothering Kashmiris so this is what I have prepared for you. So, get ready, okay? And my friends (snakes and alligators) would feast on you," she said. She later faced jail time for the same.

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Imran Khan and Kashmir

Meanwhile, her Prime Minister recently dragged the Kashmir issue to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani amidst tensions with India after New Delhi abrogated Jammu and Kashmir's special status on Sunday. Imran Khan has repeatedly meddled into Kashmir issue since the Indian Parliament abrogated article 370. He has repeatedly fearmongered and peddled fake news on Kashmir's ground situation. He has also faced defeat on an international scale after he called for global mediation into the bilateral issue. US President Trump, who had initially offered to mediate in the Kashmir issue, backtracked later. He also fearmongered in his recent UNGA speech threatening a 'bloodbath' when the curfew is lifted. India has all the while maintained its stance that the abrogation of article 370 is an internal matter while any other disputes regarding Kashmir will be solved bilaterally.

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