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‘If Anything Happens to My Wife, I Will…’: Imran Khan Warns Army Chief

Khan in a conversation with journalists at Adiala Jail where he is currently incarcerated hurled allegations at the army chief, according to a post on X.

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Imran Khan and his Wife Bushra Bibi. | Image:PTI

Islamabad: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf founder and jailed former prime minister Imran Khan on Wednesday alleged that Army chief General Asim Munir was directly responsible for the imprisonment of his wife Bushra Bibi.

Bushra Bibi, 49, was convicted in a corruption case as well as in the case of illegal marriage with Khan, 71, and is currently held in detention at their Bani Gala residence in the suburbs of Islamabad.


The PTI leader in a conversation with journalists at Adiala Jail where he is currently incarcerated hurled allegations on the army chief, according to a long post uploaded on Khan's official X account.

“General Asim Munir is directly involved in the sentence awarded to my wife,” Khan said, adding that the judge who convicted her said that he was forced to make the decision.


“If anything happens to my wife, I will not leave Asim Munir, I will not leave Asim Munir as long as I am alive. I will expose his unconstitutional and illegal steps,” he threatened.

Khan said there was a law of the jungle in the country and all was being done by the “king of the jungle”. “If the king of the jungle wants, all the cases of Nawaz Sharif are forgiven, and when he wants, we are punished in three cases in five days,” he alleged.


Khan also said that the economy would stabilise not through the International Monetary Fund (IMF) loans but by investment. “Due to the law of the jungle, there will be no investment in the country. It is good that Saudi Arabia is coming but investment will come once there is rule of law in the country,” he said.

He also referred to the recent reported clash between police and army in Bahawalnagar area of Punjab and said that the “police were thrashed” by violating the law, but the IG (inspector general police) and Viceroy, who oppressed our people, apologised from those who had thrashed the police.


Khan said the Viceroy said after the incident that “they (police) are our brothers”. He went on to say that “such treatment is done to slaves and not to brothers” because those having power thrashed the police and also forced to apologise.

He also said that PTI was being stopped from contesting in the by-elections. “At this time, standing in front of oppression is Jihad. Our workers have to protect each vote, guard the vote,” the former premier said.


So far the army has not responded to the serious allegations.

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Published April 18th, 2024 at 09:26 IST