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Pakistan Army Soldiers Assault Cops Over Arrest of Commando, Video Sparks Row

The Punjab police has attempted to downplay the severity of the situation, asserting that the incident had been blown out of proportion.

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Videos depicting alleged torture of policemen by Pakistan Army personnel have ignited widespread outrage on social media platforms, stirring a heated debate over the conduct of security forces. The incident unfolded in Bahawalnagar, about 400 km from Lahore, where multiple video clips surfaced, showing army officers purportedly assaulting and beating up policemen.

In one disturbing clip, uniformed cops were seen kneeling on the ground while being subjected to brutal treatment by army personnel. The footage captured two policemen pleading with their assailants for mercy. Another video depicted two young officers desperately attempting to evade capture by the soldiers but ultimately failing.

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The confrontation reportedly stemmed from the illegal detention of three civilians by Punjab police officers, who allegedly demanded money for their release. The situation escalated when the police raided the residence of an army officer in pursuit of an accomplice of the detainees. This incited the ire of some army personnel, leading to the raid on the Madrassa police station in Bahawalnagar and the subsequent assault on the policemen.

In response to the incident, four policemen, including SHO Abbas Rizwan, Muhammad Naeem, Muhammad Iqbal, and Ali Raza, were suspended and arrested under various sections of the Pakistan Penal Code. They were charged with unlawful detention and extortion related to the detained civilians.


Pakistan's Punjab police is downplaying the incident 

The Punjab police attempted to downplay the severity of the situation, asserting that the incident had been blown out of proportion and misrepresented on social media. They emphasized that the matter was resolved amicably through a joint investigation by both the police and army officials.


A statement from the Punjab police clarified that the episode should not be misconstrued as a conflict between the Pakistan Army and Punjab Police. It stressed the collaborative efforts of both institutions in combating terrorism and criminal activity in the province, urging social media users not to propagate false information.

The incident has reignited discussions about accountability and professionalism within Pakistan's security forces, prompting calls for a thorough investigation into the matter to ensure justice and uphold the rule of law.


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Published April 12th, 2024 at 16:07 IST