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Pakistani Woman Held Over Alleged Blasphemy After Mob Attack for Dress in Lahore, Issues Apology

A woman in Lahore's Ichhra area was taken into custody police following a mob attack over alleged blasphemy charges related to her digital printed dress.

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The Local police intervened and subsequently took her into their custody | Image:X

Islamabad: A woman in Lahore's Ichhra area was taken into police custody, probably protective, after a mob claimed that her digitally printed outfit allegedly had Quranic verses, deeming it blasphemous, and attacked her, as reported by Pakistani media on Sunday.

However, the local police intervened and subsequently took her into their custody. 


Lahore Mob Attacks Couple Out for Lunch

The incident occurred while she and her husband was eating at a hotel in a Lahore market, reports added. 


Lahore Police ASP Sheharbano's Statement Following Incident 

According to the official statement from the local police,the woman had been with her husband in the bazaar wearing a dress with words written on it. Upon seeing the words, people surrounding her told her to remove it, which subsequently created confusion that some sort of blasphemy was committed. Following that the mob started the confrontation with the couple.


Following this, an eyewitness of the incident said, "I had a talk with her father and her. He added, 'She had accepted her mistake.' He also explained that the dress was not problematic, but it was because the mob thought so, as there is a growing trend of people not being modest anymore. 'So we decided to forgive her,' he added."

Speaking of the incident, the woman said, "I went to the market and I did wear the dress, but because I thought it was a design, I wasn't aware people would perceive this as Arabic writing. I had no intentions to harm any feelings, it all happened because I lacked knowledge. I am Muslim; I can't even imagine blasphemy, and I apologise to all for all that happened."

Pakistani Punjab ASP to Get Gallantry Award

Following the incident, Pakistan's Punjab Police, via a post on X, said, "Unprecedented courage by the Punjab Police to SDPO Gulberg Lahore ASP Sheharbano Naqvi, who risked her life to save a female citizen from an angry mob during an unpleasant situation in an area of Lahore. Recommendations are being sent to the government of Pakistan to award the Quaid-e-Azam Police Medal (QPM) for bravery. IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar."




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