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‘PM Modi is Changing Image of Indians in World,' Says Indian-American Community Leader

“What Mr. Modi has done, from my perspective, first in education, … when I went to med school, there were only four medical schools in Mumbai," he said.

PM Narendara Modi. | Image:PTI

Washington: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in last 10 years of his rule has changed the image of India abroad and has emerged as a true global leader, an eminent Indian-American community leader has said.

“Modi Ji is changing the image of Indians not just in India but in the world. He is now considered a global leader... I do believe Modi is reviving Indian pride, Indian culture, and ancient Indian knowledge of yoga, mindfulness and Ayurveda,” Dr Bindukumar Kansupada, an Indian-American cardiologist from Philadelphia, told PTI in an interview on Wednesday.


Dr Kansupada was here to attend the two-day annual summit “Desis Decides” of Indian-American Impact, which on Wednesday was addressed by Vice President Kamala Harris. An IIT alumni, he is on the Board of Directors of WHEELS Global Foundation.

“What Mr. Modi has done, from my perspective, first in education, … when I went to med school, there were only four medical schools in Mumbai. Now in India, we have more than 700 medical schools. Every district has a medical school. There were only five IITs, if I recall, in 1970 in India. Now we have, I believe 23 IITs,” he said, adding that he has visited India multiple times in the recent past.


“Growth is enormous. Confidence level is enormous among Indian youth. Tourism, what you call “Tirth” (religious) tourism has developed. There are more airports than ever I have seen in India. Happiness index is improving. People are more self-sufficient and I think people are proud to be Indians,” said the Indian-American doctor.

Dr Kansupada said he would not be surprised if the younger generation of Indian-Americans may have to visit India sometime for business development and community affairs because the country is now a centre of excellence.


Responding to a question, Dr Kansupada said Modi has given a sense of pride to the people of India. “What I'm hearing from them (people in India), most of the middle class, including my mate, which we have in Mumbai, they all love India and Modi,” he said.

“I do believe if more people vote for the next three phases, he should win. He is the leader for all populations -- Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Tribal people. I think he represents all facets of India and I do believe he'll unite India.


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Published May 16th, 2024 at 10:56 IST