Accidentally Depressing Spider-Man Card Trends Online On Twitter

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A Spider-Man greeting card has gone viral on Twitter after it reportedly shows up in  From Uncle to Nephew section which in Spider-Man context never happened

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A Spider-Man greeting card has gone viral on Twitter after it reportedly showed up in the 'From Uncle to Nephew' section with the caption 'Heads up, Uncle!' Netizens have reacted to the card in shock, calling it depressing while some find it hilarious.

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The 'depressing' card

The thing which online Marvel Spider-Man community is concerned about is how depressing the card is. The photo in the tweet reveals that it is a present for an uncle from his nephew. Now, in the context of  Spider-Man origin story, it is depressing when card caption says 'Heads Up, Uncle!' due to Ben Parker's death in a robbery gone wrong.

The death of Peter Parker's Uncle Ben became the main reason why he took up the mantle of Spider-Man. However, fans have been oversaturated with the reiterations of Uncle Ben's death in every new reboot of Spider-Man with Peter Parker as the protagonist. So much so, that it's become a meme amongst the internet fandom. It was thanks to this oversaturation that the recent films of Spider-Man have completely omitted the story of Ben Parker's death. So, it may not be understandable for kids as to what they should pick as cards and whatnot. 

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Netizens react

Meanwhile, some Netizens have reacted to the card in a rather solemn mood while some are finding it hilarious. The tweet of the picture has gone viral with over 5,648 Retweets 21,807 Likes at the time of publishing.

Twitter reactions

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