Africa: Government Ramps Up Preventive Measures Amid Coronavirus Dread

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With China reeling from the Coronavirus outbreak, Africa has taken measures to curb the viral outbreak of the disease. The outbreak has claimed 258 lives.

Written By Ruchit Rastogi | Mumbai | Updated On:

With China reeling from the Coronavirus outbreak, Africa has taken measures to curb the viral outbreak of the disease. According to reports, Liberia's government has stationed nurses at airports across the continent to check for anyone showcasing symptoms of the disease. The government has also suspended Chinese entry visas. Although, there has been no confirmed case in the African continent but trade relations between Africa and China have raised concerns over the outbreak of the disease.

Coronavirus outbreak nothing short of catastrophic

According to reports, the head of Liberia's public health institute, Mosoka Fallah conveyed to the government that the viral outbreak of the coronavirus was nothing short of catastrophic. Fallah further added that necessary steps need to be taken to prevent the disease from entering Africa.

While talking to a local media outlet, an Angolan student said that if the virus manages to enter Africa then it will be a huge problem because the health care system is vulnerable and there are no good doctors to tackle the problem.

According to reports, airports in Liberia have already ramped up their checking procedures by installing small thermal cameras before the passport check area. Head of sanitary control in Liberia's airports, Barnabe Gning stated that the first sign of such communicable diseases is a fever. The thermal cameras installed read a person's body heat and all the suspected cases are quarantined pending a lab test to test the concerned person.

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Test results could take a lot of time

However, confirming the test results could take a lot of time as health authorities lack the qualifications and have to send the samples to labs located in South Africa. Africa's CDC director said that there is a possibility that cases of the coronavirus are already in the country but have not been detected.

The viral outbreak of the disease has claimed a total of 258 lives till now and the number of confirmed cases stands at more than 10,000. With the World Health Organisation declaring the Coronavirus outbreak as a global health emergency, China called for international solidarity and asked countries to avoid overreacting on the situation.

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