Amazon Fire: Peru, Colombia Propose An Emergency Summit As Fires Blaze

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The Amazon fire has reached Peru and Colombia attention. The two Latin American countries propose a meeting on Septemeber 6 and to protect Amazon forest.

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The international concern over Amazon forest fire seems to have finally reached Brazil's Colombian and Peruvian neighbors as they call for a summit next month which will be based on Amazon. The meeting was proposed on August 27 for countries in the region to harmonize a blueprint to combat the massive fires which are raging in Amazon, the bilateral meeting between Peru and Colombia was held in the Peruvian city of Pucallpa in the eastern side of the country. During the meeting, the two nations pledged to work together over the wildfires that are ravaging large parts of the Amazon forest. Vizcarra also tweeted saying, The tweet reads in English that, Welcome to Pucallpa, president @ IvanDuque! Today we have a great job to do in the Presidential Meeting and V Cabinet # BinacionalPerúColombia, to continue promoting the development and welfare of our citizens, especially for those who live in our Amazon.

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Amazon Summit: Colombian and Peru presidents to "join forces"

Peru President Martin Vizcarra and his Colombian partner Ivan Duque called for a significant gathering on September 6 in Colombia to "unite" in an attempt to shield the rainforest, they said in an announcement. said in an announcement."The Presidents recognize the key need to hold hands for the welfare of the security and down to earth use of the Amazon zone, which is one of the most critical organic frameworks for the planet's quality," they said. After signing the declaration, Vizcarra said that the fires have attracted "the attention of several countries and communities around the world."  No mention was noticed of what all countries will be invited except the location of the summit which will be in Leticia which sits right on top of the three-way border between Colombia, Peru, and Brazil, propounding that Brazil will surely be involved.

Aim of Amazon summit: Conserve and protect Amazon forest

Caring for the Amazon, considered the lungs of the planet, "should be permanent," he said, adding that it was essential to combat illegal logging, mining, and other activities including planting drugs for trafficking. The idea is "to propose a comprehensive plan of action to support and develop the Amazon," said Vizcarra. He said he will soon meet with Duque again on the Amazon border that Peru, Colombia, and Brazil share, for the "launching of a commitment in the face of this important reality, which is not being given due attention. "Duque said Colombia will host that meeting "to generate a great collective awareness" about the task of protecting the Amazon. The aim of the amazon summit is to "establish a deal that would conserve, develop and sustainably use" the Amazon while also benefitting "the communities that live there."

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Geography and the French-Brazilian presidents' verbal war

Brazil, Peru, and Colombia are home to most part of the Amazon forest, which also extends into Venezuela, and other Latin American countries. The ongoing fires have raised concerns of the international community about the need to save Amazon forest with French President calling Amazon forest as lungs of the planet.  The President of France just recently exchanged verbal brickbats over Brazil President's online comments over French Presidents wife calling them "extraordinarily rude."The Amazon forest fires was a key highlight of the G-7 summit in Biarritz, France. 

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