Australia's Bushfires And Scorching Heat Threatens Rare Animal Species; 100s Feared Dead

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Animals die in Australia as the temperature rises and bushfires rage across the country. Mercury touched about 50-degree Celcius in many parts of the continent

Written By Tanima Ray | Mumbai | Updated On:

As bushfires rage amidst scorching temperatures across Australia, several animals have been reportedly dropping dead due to the extreme weather conditions. Unlike humans who have access to technology and easier access to water, animals are falling victims to temperatures as high as 50-degree Celcius. Several locals have posted photos on social media showing birds who have fallen from heat exhaustion. While some survived, some could not.

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Locals post images of dead animals

One such Twitter user was farmer Bill Wallace who posted photos to Twitter showing a pair of cockatoos who succumbed to the conditions. In his post, he wrote that the mercury went as high as 48.9 degrees Celcius on the very day. The sulphur-crested cockatoos could not survive it. He also criticised Australian PM Scott Morrisson for the negligence. Likewise, another Twitter user uploaded a snap of a tawny frogmouth 'dead on a footpath' in Sydney, which had 'no sign of injury from predators' and added that it 'looks like it just fell dead out of the tree'. Here are the posts.

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Native Wildlife Rescue saves flying foxes and other animals

At the same time, Native Wildlife Rescue revealed their team has been rescuing hundreds of flying foxes who aren't coping well with the heat. In a Facebook post, the organization wrote: "Flowing in from yesterday's record heat and very limited food supply the Grey Headed Flying Foxes taking it extremely tough. One of many colonies affected is the one in the Kangaroo Valley were in conjunction with other vaccinated members of the Shoalhaven Bat Clinic (also authorized through Wildlife Rescue South Coast Inc) we rescued approximately 100+ dependent babies today. This was followed by the 140+ rescues from the day before. Devastatingly, for many Flying Fox mothers and their babies help came too late". Here's the post.

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Scorching heat and raging bushfires

As firefighters battle against raging wildfires in Australia, massive bushfires were fanned across the state of New South Wales with two bushfires around Sydney in what was termed as an emergency level. According to reports, a lot of major roads going towards the south and west direction around the city of Sydney were also shut down. The concerned officials asked all the residents to slightly delay their holiday plans, with warnings about the raging wildfires due to soaring temperatures above 40 degrees. It was because of dry conditions that bought about an early start to the fires. 

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