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Armenia Warns It Reserves Right To Attack Military Facility In Azerbaijan

Armenian Defence Ministry said that it now reserves the right to target any military facility in Azerbaijani after the latter destroyed missile launch sites.


Armenian Defence Ministry on October 14 said that it now reserves the right to target any military facility in Azerbaijan after the latter destroyed two missile launch sites in the former's territory. Azerbaijan's Defence Ministry on Wednesday confirmed destroying missile launch sites in Armenia alleging that they were being used to target peaceful regions in the country. The Armenian side countered the claims saying that the missile launch sites were not being used in the ongoing conflict between the two countries, adding that it now reserves the right to attack any military installations or movements in Azerbaijan. 

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'Attack based on mere assumption'

"Azerbaijani Air Force has targeted the military equipment on combat alert in the territory of Armenia adjacent to the border with Qaravachar. The attack was carried out based on the mere assumption that the subject equipment was allegedly going to strike at Azerbaijan’s civilian settlements. Armenian Air Force, henceforth, preserve the right to target any military installations and combat movements in the Azerbaijan territory," Shushan Stepanyan, Press Secretary of Armenian Defence Ministry said on Twitter. 

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The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh region is reaching its 20th day and the international community is getting worried day by day. Armenia has accused Turkey of interfering in the conflict and helping the Azerbaijani side, which Ankara has dismissed saying that Baku remains an important ally but it is not helping it in any way. Russia and Syria have accused Turkey of sending terrorists to fight in the conflict with Kremlin saying that it is ready to send observers if both sides agree to it. 

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Armenia and Azerbaijan are fighting each other in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region since September 27. The skirmishes had started in July this year, but the clashes escalated late last month following which both countries declared martial law. The world, including the United Nations and European Union, is urging the warring parties to reach a peaceful settlement and ceasefire, however, both countries remain determined to claim victory. 

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