Australia: Three People Dead, 150 Houses Destroyed In Bushfires

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NSW RFS said that due to bushfires at least 150 houses in eastern Australia have been destroyed, 3 people are reported to be dead, 7 are missing and 30 injured

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The Rural Fire Service of the New South Wales region (NSW RFS) on November 09 said that due to bush fires at least 150 houses in eastern Australia have been destroyed, three people are reported to be dead, seven are still missing and almost 30 people had been wounded. The service has advised the public to leave various areas as the bushes continue to burn. According to an international media outlet, the fires are expected to increase in the Western Australia region due to the hot and windy weather.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison reportedly said that the military could be called on to help the fire-fighters who are trying to tackle around 100 separate blazes. The wildfires across New South Wales and neighboring Queensland have been raging since last week. The fires have also created a fear that hundreds of animals, including koalas, could die as their survival chances are also decreasing due to the lack of water. The scientists further predicted that due to climate change and unfavorable weather cycles, Australia might face a tough fire season ahead. 

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Australia faces 100 active fires

According to the fire officials, there were nearly 100 active fires in NSW on Friday. The wildfires have reportedly charred hundreds of thousands of acres across the state, driven by extremely hot, dry and windy conditions. Thousands of residents have been forced to leave their homes as well. The NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Share Fitzsimmons told an international media outlet that Australia has never faced this number of fires burn in NSW at the same time. He further adds that the nations persistent drought is one of the major causes of the massive outbreaks of fires and that as Australia is about to enter summer months, erratic and dangerous fire behavior will continue. 

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