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Australia: Woman Undergoes Surgery After She Was Attacked By Sea Lion

A young Australian woman was attacked by a sea lion while swimming underwater in western Australia had to undergo an operation on her leg more than 20 stitches.


A young woman who was attacked by a sea lion while swimming underwater in western Australia, had to undergo an operation on her leg with more than 20 stitches, according to the reports. Elena Precillia was swimming underwater with a raft of sea lions when one of them attacked her on the bottom of her leg. The attack left her with stitches and a medical bill worth more than  £2,000.  

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Doctors prescribed course of antibiotics

The 25-year-old pastry chef said she was panicked and battled hard to breathe after she was bitten before her friend Mauro Signoretti pulled her to safety.  Precillia said that she was told by the locals that the sea lions are friendly and added that many tourists swam at the spot in Geraldton situated in Western Australia. She decided to explore the place with her friend Mauro, but unfortunately, on her third trip, she was bitten by one of the creatures. According to the reports, the doctors prescribed her course of antibiotics which added to her medical bills fearing any infection from the sea lion's bacteria. 

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She had to go through a surgery on her leg and have to visit hospital in 10 days' time for further check ups. The pastry chef described the attack and said that she saw a sea lion infront of her suddenly and when she turned around it bite her, as per the reports. She explained that it was just back of her right leg where she could see blood all around her foot. She added that she could not really feel the pain but was unable to swim out of water. She further added that she was terrified and worried as there were still four or five of the sea lions around them. She said it was an amazing experience swimming with the sea lions until she was bitten. 

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