Australia's Air Quality Index Worse Than Delhi Amid Bushfires

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Amid the raging bushfires in the eastern coast of Australia, Delhi's air quality fared better than that in Sydney with thick smog enveloping the populous city.

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Amid the raging bushfires in the eastern coast of Australia, Delhi's air quality fared better than that in Sydney, according to reports. The most populous city in Australia was engulfed in a thick blanket of smoke from the bushfires. Air quality in Sydney deteriorated 30 times beyond the safe levels, as a result of which health warnings had to be issued. According to the NSW Environment, the Air Quality Index in Sydney reached 2334 recorded as the worst levels anywhere in the world.

It was more than 30 times the safe levels of 34-66 on the AQI scale and 20 times more than Beijing and Jakarta. The toxic PM 2.5 and PM 10 particulate matter stood at 2334 in Sydney's North West, 641 in the Central Coast and 540 in Sydney's East, according to the reports. 

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Toxic air led to breathing problems

The particles resulted in increased breathing problems in people suffering from asthma, angina and emphysema, as per the report. The respiratory patients in Sydney have been advised to stay indoors and avoid any kind of physical exercise. They have been warned to cover their noses and mouths with masks. A global air quality index ranked Canberra’s air worse than New Delhi. Canberra's air quality is the worst out of any major city in the world due to smokes erupted from the bushfires along the NSW coast. 

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Raging bushfires affect people 

Australia is facing a massive crisis as several parts of the country are ravaged by deadly bushfires affecting people and animals. The bushfire this season is seemingly unprecedented as it is being termed as the worst summer in the history of the nation. Australia has been under the crisis since September 2019 where over 480 million animals and more than 1,000 homes have been affected by the tragedy. 

International charitable organisations like the Australian Red Cross, The Salvation Army, and Vinnies are already on the ground helping locals by providing food, clothing and other essential items. People have lost their homes, properties and other belongings in the ongoing bushfire crisis and non-governmental institutions are doing their best to help them rebuild their lives. You can play your valuable part by donating to any of these organisations that are currently present at the fire front. 

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