Bangladesh Plans To Prohibit Sale Of E-cigarettes Citing Health Concerns

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Bangladesh government has been planning to ban its sale and use of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers amid growing health concern, as per health officials.

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Bangladesh government has been planning to ban its sale and use of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers amid growing health concern, according to the health officials on December 1. A lot of countries around the world has come up with a move to ban devices due to growing health risks and teen addiction. Shaikh Yusuf Harun, Secretary at the health education and family welfare division of the Ministry of Health and Family welfare said that they are actively working to incorporate a ban on the production and sale of e-cigarettes and tobaccos to prevent health risks. He said that the health ministry had taken into consideration the recent cases of deaths and illnesses linked to e-cigarette use in the United States. A ban on e-cigarettes and vaporizers will be imposed in the tobacco control policy 2019 which is being considered by the government. It will be then submitted to parliament for approval.

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E-cigarettes readily available across Bangladesh

E-cigarettes are readily available everywhere in Bangladesh starting from small street corner shops to e-commerce sites.
India has also banned e-cigarettes in October as it warned of a vaping epidemic among young people. New York City has become the first major city in the US to ban flavoured e-cigarettes. The New York city council voted and passed the measure 42-2 on November 26. The vaping supporters opposed the move tossing fake money over the balcony and chanted loudly, "Big Tobacco thanks you!". The ban restricts the sale of flavoured e-cigarettes and flavoured e-liquids in New York City which includes mint, menthol and wintergreen e-cigarettes and e-liquids, according to the City Council Speaker Corey Johnson.

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US responded to the issue at slower pace

The bill was referred to as 1362A that was sponsored by council health committee chairman, Mark Levine. He said that the US has responded to the issue at a very slow pace and said teen vaping epidemic has been a huge failure. He said they are putting efforts to protect their kids by banning the e-cigarette flavours that have been causing major health problems for years. Bill de Blasio, the New York City mayor said that he supports the ban. Recent government figures on vaping illnesses have forced US President Donald Trump to reconsider the minimum age limit for purchases of e-cigarettes. Trump said he wanted to raise the minimum age limit from 18 to 21 but was also concerned about its impact on the businesses. Signalling a policy announcement next week, Trump said the administration will be coming out a with a “very important” position on vaping.

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