Canada's Bodybuilding Grandma Robin Hills Works Out Six Days A Week

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Grandmother of three, Robin Hills has 17-inch biceps, 200lb frame, and trains six days a week while preparing for a show and five times a week during off-season

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Bodybuilding Grandma

A grandmother of three, Robin Hills has 17-inch biceps, 200lb frame, and trains six days a week while preparing for a show and five times a week during off-season. The 48-year-old is from Ontario, Canada and joined the gym back in 1989. She reportedly won second prize in her first-ever competition back in 1993. In an interview with an international media outlet, Hills said that she was shy as a kid but bodybuilding gave her confidence and a new lease of life. She said that she loves the way she looks and added that she is confident and enjoys her life.

Everyday routine

Hills joined the gym right after high school and got addicted to bodybuilding right away. According to international media reports, she doesn't track her calories and eats five meals a day. Her day-to-day routine includes getting up at 6 am and doing 20 minutes of cardio before eating her first meal of the day which usually consists of a cup of egg whites, two whole eggs, and spinach. Before heading to the gym she takes her second meal which consists of five ounces of chicken, cucumbers, sugar-free ketchup and spices after which she does a combination of weight-training and cardio as well as spending 10 minutes in a sauna. Her third meal which is the post-gym meal consists of five ounces of steak and three ounces of yams. Her fourth meal includes five ounces of chicken with cucumbers and rice. The fifth and the last meal of the day is one cup of egg whites, one whole egg, spinach, and avocado.

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While talking to an international media outlet Hills said that her family is supportive. She now weighs 200lbs at 5 feet 9 inch. Back in 2014, she earned her International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) pro card. She competes in the professional league all around the world. She said that her strict training schedule never interfered with her family time. She further added that when her kids were young they used to cheer her up and would help her with her hair and encourage her. Hills told the media that bodybuilding has taught her patience, persistence and lastly to believe in herself.

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