North Korea: Senior Adviser To Kim Says, 'No More "fruitless" Talks' With United States

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North Korea in its statement by the senior adviser Kim Kye Gwan called the one on one talks with US President Donald Trump as ‘fruitless’, and 'brings nothing'

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North Korea senior adviser to Kim says, 'no more 'fruitless' talks' with United States

North Korea: In a statement made by the leader's senior adviser, called the one-on-one talks with President Donald Trump as ‘fruitless’.  Kim Kye Gwan, North Korea’s senior Foreign Ministry adviser snapped at Trump in his latest statement stating, North Korea will not give the US President a chance to boast without getting nothing in return.

North Korea senior adviser says ‘No more fruitless’ talks with the US

US President Donald Trump has always followed a transactional approach to his foreign policy where he bargained based on his personal interest. However, the problem is that his approach might not work with Kim Jong Un. Donald Trump in response to the senior adviser posted on Twitter which led to speculations that in the upcoming summit Trump’s offer to the North Korean leader is exclusive, where he asked North Korea to give up their nuclear weapons and receive sanction relief that will help North Korea in boosting its economy and turning into a luxury tourist destination. He also tweeted that he is the only one who can help North Korea progress and get where they want, but in order to achieve US support, Kim Jong Un must make quick decisions. 

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Is Donald Trump desperate for a deal with North Korea?

Trump tweeted in response to North Korea calling the former vice president and 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden a ‘rabid dog’, who should be ‘beaten to death with a stick’. Trump’s response was to hint North Korea to accept the terms of negotiations before it's too late. Kim Kye Gwan's comments on Trump and his administration's 'desperate' response revealed to North Korea that at the moment President Trump wants a deal more than North Korea. Experts feel that assuming North Korea would act in its best interest, it is safe to say that the country will try to leverage the situation, which could further complicate the terms of negotiation between the two States.

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