Cambodian Opposition Leader Meets French Ambassador After House Arrest

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The top opposition leader in Cambodia, Kem Sokha was released from hose detention with some restrictions on Nov 11 when the French ambassador visited his home

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The top Opposition leader in Cambodia, Kem Sokha was released from hose detention with some restrictions on November 11. The French ambassador, Eva Nguyen Binh visited the house of the founder of the banned Cambodian National Party after the ease of detention but still prohibited from leaving the country as well as involvement in politics. Sam Rainsy the co-founder of the same party arrived in Malaysia on November 9, on a publicized visit to lead the movement against the Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen. 

Why the house arrest was lifted?

As European Union is reportedly considering if they should end the preferential trade terms with Cambodia after the crackdown by long-serving authoritarian PM Sen. This is also few days after the self-exiled opposition party founder who visited Cambodia despite facing the arrest on criminal defamation conviction, however, stopped in Malaysia where he had rallied for support. The Cambodian authorities have arrested nearly 50 members of the banned opposition party along with supporters and activists in 2019. 

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Rainsy prohibited from boarding flight

Rainsy and other members were stopped from boarding a Thai airline flight to Bangkok from Paris. One of the officials of Rainsy’s party in Thailand reported that none of them would return on Saturday while his supporters wanted to enter Cambodia through the land borders it shares with Thailand. However, Malaysia does not share any boundary with Cambodia, and they had to land in Kuala Lumpur.  

Rainsy had took on Twitter to announce that he would return to Thailand to face arrest after he suffered several people targeting the opposition activists and the members of his banned party were detained by the Malaysian authorities. Prime Minister of Cambodia Hun Sen accused the members of the banned Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) of conspiring against the government and said that all the members who will try to enter the country will be taken into custody.  

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Vice President of banned Party, detained

The immigration authorities of Malaysia have detained the No. 2 official of the Cambodian National Rescue Party, Mu Sochua on November 7. The opposition party has been banned in Cambodia. The moves come just before the exiled leaders of the party planned a return of Cambodian party leaders including Mu Sochua and Sam Rainsy, the founder of the party for the independence day of Cambodia. Meanwhile, the regional parties backed Phnom Penh's bid to block the return of leaders as they are accused of strategizing to overthrow the government.  Saifuddin Abdullah, the Foreign Minister of Malasia indicated that the Vice President of CNRP would not be deported. Sochua was detained by the immigration authorities at the Kuala Lumpur airport, where she landed from Jakarta.  

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