Netizens Praise Cat For Saving The Toddler From Falling Down Stairs

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The CCTV footage was captured in the living room in Colombia, which shows a Samuel León, who is crawling towards the staircase and a cat saves him from falling

Written By Pragya Puri | Mumbai | Updated On:
Cat praised

In a surprising video, a cat pounced on the toddler and saved him from falling down the stairs. The CCTV footage was captured in the living room in Bogota, Colombia. It shows a one-year-old toddler Samuel León crawling towards the staircase and Gatubela, the Siamese cat, who keeps a constant watch on the baby. 

Cat protected the baby from falling

In the video, one can see a fat grey cat resting on the sofa. The baby swiftly made his way out of his cradle and was crawling on the floor. The baby was crawling across the room wearing a bright red sweater. Initially, when the baby crawls near the cat, the cat tries to hold on to him, but he escapes his paws and moves ahead. For a moment the baby turns back and looks at the cat and then moves towards the stairs. The Siamese cat suddenly takes a long jump and pounces on the baby to protect him from falling off the stairs. The cat grabs the baby with his paws and later tightly holds on to him. The cat tries to change the direction of the baby’s movement by constantly pouncing at him and hold the toddler with his front legs. The smart cats try to pull the baby away from the stairs, she tries to make the baby crawl in the opposite direction. 

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People were astonished 

The heartwarming video was shared on the internet and several people were amazed and astonished at the video. People commented that the cat is the babysitter and she should be awarded a lifetime Tuna. Another one wrote that “Siamese and Burmese cats can be highly intelligent and act on it if in a stimulating environment. It tried to grab the kid by the scruff of its neck as it would do with a kitten, but the toddler is too big. It knows to keep it up there. Great cat. My tiny Burmese defended me from dogs and motorbikes. Really hated motorbikes.”

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The underwater treadmill

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