China Has Cured Thrice The Number Of Coronavirus Fatalities, Says Foreign Ministry

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The official from Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that since Feb 1, the number of cured cases surpassed the fatalities and now it is 'thrice larger'.

Written By Aanchal Nigam | Mumbai | Updated On:

Amid the unprecedented outbreak of novel coronavirus, Lijian Zhao, Deputy Director General, Information Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China said that there are 40,171 confirmed cases in China as of February 9. The death toll of the virus has spiked to 908 with 6484 severe cases. Zhao also said that 3281 individuals who were infected with coronavirus have been cured. 

Furthermore, 399487 people have been traced and 187518 have also been taken under observation. Zhao has said that since February 1, the number of cured cases surpassed the fatalities, and now it is 'thrice larger'. 

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Zhao slammed Pompeo

Zhao also slammed the United States Secretary of States, Mike Pompeo who according to him is 'trying to drive a wedge between Central Asia and China'. Pompeo reportedly told the local media during his trip to Kazakhstan where he noted the 'long-border' the country shares with China which is also the epicentre of the outbreak of the deadly virus. 

Pompeo also warned the Kazakh officials about the Chinese investment and influence and urged the Central Asian nation along with others to join US in demanding an end to China's repression to the minorities. 

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According to Zhao, China has been diligent regarding its fight with the coronavirus and Pompeo has been a 'fanatic' to 'smear' the nation. The Deputy Director General further said that US Secretary of States has 'outshined' almost all his predecessors in the same regard. 

Zhao said, "While China has been going all out in the fight against the NCP, Mike Pompeo whisked through Central Asia trying to drive a wedge between Central Asia & China. He has been a fanatic to smear China, outshining almost all his predecessors in this regard."

Earlier,  Pompeo had also urged Kazakhstan to join Washington in mounting pressure on China over the matter of Uighur Muslims. While speaking to Kazakh Foreign Minister Mukhtar Tleuberdi, Pompeo raised the issue of Muslim minorities in China's northwestern region of Xinjiang just across the Kazakh border.  

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