China: Tibetan Youth Congress Stage Protest Outside Chinese Embassy

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As China celebrates it's 70th National Day anniversary of the communist rule, the Tibetan Youth Congress members staged a protest outside the Embassy of China

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While China celebrates its 70th National Day anniversary of the communist rule, the Tibetan Youth Congress members staged a protest outside the Embassy of China in New Delhi on October 1. The police authorities reportedly made several efforts to disperse the crowd who carried placards saying “Stop Killing in Tibet, Xi Jinping: Stop occupation in Tibet”. The protesters continued to raise anti-China slogans which further led to their detention by the Delhi Police. 

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The demonstration

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ish Singhal reportedly said the agitators from the Tibetan Community staged a protest at Kautilya Chowk near the Chinese embassy. Nearly 44 demonstrators which included 26 males and 18 females were later detained by the police. While talking to a national news agency, one of the protestors informed that the members of the Tibetan Youth Congress do not celebrate China's National Day because they need their freedom. The protester further said they need their right to expression and are entirely against the Chinese communist party. The reason for the protest was purported that they are against Chinese policies and the Communist government. 

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China's National Day and TYC

While the TYC believes that the grand celebration in China, is a celebration of 70 years of violence, lies, and oppression against the people of Tibet, East Turkestan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, the country is had a massive military parade unveiling the advanced and developed weaponry. Xi Jinping, the President of China took pride in the development in the country, the statement by TYC also read that since the establishment of communist rule, China has illegally occupied and colonized Tibet, East Turkestan, and Southern Mongolia. 

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TYC also said that the Xi Jinping government has carried out several wrong “disastrous” policies which have resulted in the loss of over 30 million Chinese people's lives. The circular which was rotated by the community also stressed the escalating number of social unrest, growing rich-poor division, prolonged information restriction, and censorship in order to silence the dissent faced by the government. According to the statement, China continues to carry out the policy of genocide with impunity as Tibetans, Uyghurs of East Turkistan, people of Southern Mongolia, and Manchuria face a grim future under its colonial occupation. TYC also believes that the Chinese government lacks legitimacy in Tibet and exercises control over Tibet through military force. 

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