Coronavirus: Chinese Cities Turn Into Ghost Towns As Millions Of People Are Quarantined

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Chinese residents are trapped in their own homes as the country grapples with the expanding outbreak and major business centres in cities have been shut down.

Written By Zaini Majeed | Mumbai | Updated On:

Several cities in China including Beijing and the populous financial hub Shanghai have reportedly turned into a ghost town as approximately 21.5 million citizens remain quarantined to avoid transmission of the critical 2019-nCov virus in Wuhan. With large cities under lockdown, the number could be as high as 50 million people.

Travel restrictions and quarantine measures have left the roads deserted, streets, parks, and shopping centres essentially vacant across several major cities in mainland China suggest reports.

After the World Health Organization declared a global public health emergency, citizens of Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing and other large metropolises, have restricted themselves indoors to avoid contracting the disease, according to the reports.

Residents told reporters that they are trapped in their own homes as the country grapples with the expanding outbreak, and major business centres in cities that are a hive of activity compared with the neighbourhood that surrounds it have been shut down, including the community centres and shops.

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According to reports, shops and businesses in China are shuttered with written signs explaining temporary closure “due to the epidemic”. Some stores have reportedly started selling off their businesses due to a standstill from the quarantine measures and clouded uncertainty about resuming work.

China issues strict warnings restricting against public gathering

Wei, 36, a resident from the building in a lockdown told the reporters that she goes out once every two or so days only to stockpile food. The longest she has stayed out since the outbreak began was two hours. She said that she was anxious about stepping out and worried that she might contract the infection.

Major cities in China have reportedly issued warnings restricting the number of persons that can be seen in the public space, the authorities in China have strictly ordered movement per person in a household to gather food items, confirmed the reports.

According to the reports, the Citizens in China have been anxiously trapped in their homes devoid of their routines, the death of a doctor in Wuhan that alerted the colleagues about the Wuhan virus’ contagion and was threatened by the government has further worsened the law and order in the country, suggest reports.

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