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Converse Creates Air Purifying Murals With 'smog-eating Paint' In Bangkok And Warsaw

Under the Converse City Forest initiative, the shoe company has created clean graffiti with 'smog-eating paint' which has the power to reduce air pollution.

Converse creates air purifying murals with 'smog-eating paint' in Bangkok and Warsaw

The American Shoe Company, Converse has launched an environment-friendly initiative under which they are creating clean graffiti in different cities across the globe. Under the Converse City Forest initiative, murals are being created with photocatalytic paint. This 'smog-eating paint' breaks down the air pollutants and purifies the air creating a clean environment. Converse has already created these murals in Bangkok, Thailand and Warsaw, Poland. More such murals will be made on walls in Sydney, Jakarta, Manila, Sao Paulo, Belgrade, Lima, Santiago, Johannesburg, Melbourne, Bogota and Panama City under the Converse City Forest. 

Converse City Forest project has used a special 'smog-eating paint' also known as photocatalytic paint for the clean graffiti in Bangkok and Warsaw and will use the same for all the other cities as well. This paint converts the harmful air pollutants into harmless substance by using light energy to break it down. The 'smog-eating paint' turns every surface into an air-purifying surface and is as good as planting trees. 


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Bangkok's Clean Graffiti

The Converse City Forest murals in Bangkok were created in collaboration with Thai street artist Teerayut Puechpen, popularly known as TRK, and Sorravis Prakong. The clean graffiti in Bangkok has an image of holding hands which is a symbol of unity. The 'smog-eat paint' used in the mural makes it equal to planting about 150 trees in the city. This Converse City Forest mural will have a huge impact on air pollution in the area as it will purify the air by reducing harmful gasses. 

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Warsaw's Clean Graffiti

For the murals in Warsaw, Converse City Forest collaborated with illustrator and graphic designer Dawid Ryski and Maciek Polak. This clean graffiti in Poland is located next to the Politechnika metro station in Warsaw. The air-purifying mural reads a quote, 'Create Together For Tomorrow' and shows beautiful flowers growing amid the building in a city. This mural created with 'smog-eating paint' is equal to planting about 780 trees in the middle of the city which will drastically reduce the air pollution in the area and make the air cleaner. 

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