Coronavirus: From Donating Money To Helping Elderly, Kind Acts Restore Faith In Humanity

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With the increase in the number of deaths due to coronavirus swiftly crossing 7,000 in just a span of months, the virus seems to have brought the best in people

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Coronavirus outbreak: Balcony Concert, Fiancial help, that prove humanity is Infectious

With the increase in the number of deaths due to coronavirus that has crossed 8,000 in just a span of months, the virus seems to have brought out the best and worst of humanity. With the amount of panic spread globally regarding the disease, there are also outpourings of love and kindness that have popped up across the world. 

From offering freebies to mental health support or even simple acts of kindness to cheer up a person in quarantine, COVID-19 has brought out some of the best sides of humanity in recent days.

1. Rooftop Fitness Classes

A fitness instructor in Sevilla, Spain, refused to let the deadly outbreak affect his neighbours' fitness while in quarantine. For people who are unable to hit the gym or hold regular classes, the instructor decided to give classes from his rooftop for his neighbours to follow from inside their homes.

2. Financial help

Jackson Frank, a Gonzaga University student from Spokane, Washington in the United States, took to his Twitter handle to offer monetary aid to help anyone affected by the deadly disease. Within instants of posting, the student started receiving a long list from people in need. 

3. Quarantine Serenade

An adorable video of two young children, Taran Tien, 9 and Calliope Tien, 6, from Ohio, US, garnered thousands of likes on the internet recently after they serenaded their elderly quarantines neighbour with a cello performance from their porch. The two little budding cellists performed for their 78-year-old neighbour who had put herself on self-quarantine.

4. Exclusively for seniors

A grocery store in Cornwall, United Kingdom, has been opening shop early to give time to the elderly to shop without any obstacles. The store has been inviting the elderly citizens, to come to do their shopping from 8am to 8.30am every day. 

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5. Helping Hand

A woman called Rebecca Mehra went viral on social media for helping an elderly couple shop for groceries when they were too afraid to go inside the store because of the deadly disease. Mehra said that she found the couple huddled in a car and too scared to go inside the store for fear of getting infected. Mehra obliged and bought the items, much to the relief of the couple. 

6. Setting up a library

When a school was sent into a state of lockdown for an indefinite break, a librarian called Tom Bober decided to give children the opportunity to continue reading while at home by lending large numbers of books. Before sending the children home, Bober took all the students to the library and let them choose their favourite books.

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