'Coronavirus Vaccine Could Be Ready In 18 Months': WHO Chief

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WHO chief said that the first vaccine to combat Coronavirus could be available in 18 months; until then, countries will have to fight with what they have.

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The first vaccine aimed at combating China's deadly new coronavirus could be available in 18 months, said the chief of World Health Organisation Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. The WHO chief also added that until a vaccine is developed the countries around the world must combat the virus with everything that is available to them today.

Coronavirus a 'very grave threat'

On Tuesday, Tedros said that countries must be as aggressive as possible when it comes to combating the deadly virus. The new coronavirus that began in China last year has already killed over 1,000 people and the number of infected has already crossed 40,000. WHO had declared the Coronavirus a global health emergency.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was addressing the first international conference on combating the virus. During the conference, he said that the virus posed a 'very grave threat'. 

Reportedly, the World Health Organization convened a group of experts on Tuesday to fast-track tests, drugs, and vaccines to help slow the outbreak.

'Coronavirus vaccine likely to be ready in 3 months': US 

Earlier, United States health officials had announced that the development of Coronavirus vaccine is progressing well without any glitches. The announcement was made by a US health official in a press briefing conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services. One of the members of the President’s Coronavirus Task Force during the press briefing said that the work is underway and the vaccine would hopefully be ready within three months.

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WHO names Coronavirus as Covid-19

Amid the worldwide epidemic outbreak, the virus now has been officially named “Covid-19” by the World Health Organisation on Tuesday. It was temporarily named as Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP) by China's National Health Commission. WHO chief said that it was important to avoid stigma surrounding the naming of the virus.

According to the strict guidelines of WHO kaid down in 2015, it is advised against the use of place names in the naming of diseases.

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