Coronavirus Scare: Countries That Have Issued Travel Restrictions And Advisories

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Here are countries with travel restrictions and more information on to and fro bans of countries around the world due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

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countries with travel restrictions

Coronavirus has hit China and several reports suggest that it has spread to West Asian countries too. The Wuhan centre of Public Health has declared that the number is now rapidly falling down. As per the latest WHO reports released on February 26, 871 new cases have been registered worldwide.

In the wake of such a serious health emergency, several countries have declared travel restrictions. These include several European nations and one closer to China's own borders, the Phillippines. Coronavirus has affected over 80,000 people worldwide, with the death toll now standing at approximately 1,800.

Here is a detailed guide on countries that have imposed travel restrictions in the wake of the deadly Coronavirus.

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China travel ban

China’s epidemic has brought it under the list of countries with travel restrictions. China is the source of Coronavirus and the number of people affected by this virus has jumped to over 70,000 since the outbreak started in Hubei province. New Zealand, Australia and a few other countries have also levied travel restrictions. They are not accepting any visitors from China.

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Italy travel ban

Multiple reports suggested that Italy had a surge in the number of people affected from 80 to 400. BBC reported that Italy is one of the countries with travel restrictions. Some of the restrictions include any product import form China and also tourism in places like Milan and Venice. The area neighbouring to this have witnessed the outbreak. Coronavirus outbreak has registered twelve deaths so far.

South Korea travel ban

The South Korean officials have registered over two hundred cases in the past week. It is one of the countries with travel restrictions as the authorities want to keep the number to a minimum. The countries with travel restrictions have been extended and any flights to and fro from China have been cancelled. The tourism in the state is also on a halt according to several media reports.

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Philippines travel ban

Philippines travel ban is another one in the list of countries with travel restrictions. It has imposed travel bans on South Korea and China. It is also in the list of countries with travel restrictions from China. Philippines travel ban was earlier extended to Taiwan and Beijing. However, some partial ban has been lifted off of Taiwan and people can travel after signing a declaration that they understand the risk. 

Iran travel ban 

According to reports, the media Iran is another country which has seen a sudden rise in cases registered. The official number went from 106 to 245 in the last twenty-four hours. The authorities have imposed domestic as well as international travel restrictions in the affected area. According to media reports, Iran has the highest (26) death toll after the outbreak was first reported on February 19 outside of China. 

Australia travel ban

Multiple media reports suggest that medical capacity in the country is already over-stretched. If affected by the virus, there are chances of 70% of the masses to be affected. Thus the government has banned large gatherings and events. According to the reports, they have also imposed international travel restrictions coming in from China. 

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