Dramatic Video Shows Australian Bushfire Changing Direction And Intensity In Minutes

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A dramatic video has recently been uploaded on Facebook that shows how quickly the deadly Australian bushfire can change day into night in mere minutes

Written By Shubham Bose | Mumbai | Updated On:
Dramatic video

A video has recently been uploaded on Facebook that shows how quickly the deadly Australian bushfire can change direction, and increase in intensity in a span of a few minutes. The video was uploaded by Dunmore Rural Fire Brigade who captured the video of the Currowan Fire through the dashboard camera of a fire truck.

Bushfires unpredictable

According to the caption that accompanied the video, the  Dunmore Rural Fire Brigade states that this video should be a timely reminder for people how unpredictable the bushfires can be. According to the post, the fire was fanned by a southerly wind that hit the fire 10 minutes before expected.

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In the video, the firefighters can be seen preparing to defend the area from the oncoming fire and then the winds hit the fires propelling the bushfire at unexpected speeds. The firefighters quickly load up into the fire truck in preparation of departure before the fire reaches the road.

Moments after the firefighters leave, embers from the bushfire can be seen and the sky becomes choked with black smoke. The video was captured by a fire truck that was left behind by the crew. The camera was able to record through the fire because cab sprays were enabled to fight the fire around the truck.

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Bushfire approaching Australia's capital

Recently a state of emergency was declared in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). The emergency was announced after a large fire in the south side of the cit breached containment lines.

Authorities say the Orroral Valley fire has now crossed Boboyan Road, at Glendale depot and moved into the next range. The fire is creating its own weather system and spotting well ahead of the main front, spreading to the east and north.

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